here to help and encourage students sensing a
call to ministry

Work worship

Leighton Flowers

As Christians we must avoid any task that takes our minds off of Jesus. Too many become worshippers of their work rather than true worshippers of God.

Make an evaluation of your gifts and skills

Bill Tillman

Reaching out to the ministry leadership around you, can allow you an opportunity to evaluate your gifts and skills and learn where your strengths are.

Follow Me

Jane Wilson

Today there are numbers of teenagers sensing God's call into full-time Christian ministry. Let's consider things you need to know.

Discerning a call means continuous listening

Meredith Stone

Ministry can be a very broad calling. Often we struggle in trying to discern more specificity in our callings than simply “ministry." We want to know exactly what it is we are called to so we can have certainty about where our lives are going.

Being shaped to serve

Joyce Ashcraft

What shape are you? Have you discovered your spiritual gifts, those special abilities that just come naturally to you? These gifts were given to you by the Holy Spirit to be used in building God's kingdom. The discipline of knowing who you are is an important part of being shaped to serve.

I am called - what do I do now?

Joyce Ashcraft

You know that God has called you to serve Him - to serve His church by being a pastor, youth or children's minister, missionary or another role in vocational ministry in some kind of ministry setting. Yet, that seems to be in the distant future. What can you do now?