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call to ministry

Why I may decide to say no to God

Miller & Brinkley

We often make excuses to say, "No," to God, but what are the reasons behind these excuses? Let's further explore some common reason why we often say, "No," and how to combat them.

Understanding the Bible for women who feel called to ministry

Meredith Stone

Discussions of how women should be involved in ministry and the church in particular have been happening for many years.

A particular calling

Meredith Stone

Everyone who feels called to ministry inevitably asks the question - what does being "called" mean? After all, we understand that every Christian is called to live their lives in the service of and as a witness to Christ. So how is a call to ministry different?

How I knew I was called

Gabriel Cortes

Gabriel shares the testimony of God calling him to ministry while he was in college.

My Calling

Bill Tillman

Bill explains how his confirmation in his calling has only continued to grow: When I made my conviction known to the congregation, one of the deacons came by and said, "Some of us have seen this coming." That one sentence helped a great deal toward firming up my conviction of being called.

How do I know I am called?

Joyce Ashcraft

Joyce compares our callings to the calling of Samuel, but it has to continue to be cultivated: How about you? Are you listening? Is there a stirring in your spirit that comes from God - a compelling voice calling you to move in a particular direction to be a pastor, a youth minister, a missionary, or some other vocational service?


Preston Cave

Preston recalls God taking his fear of speaking to people and turning it into his strength and how this memory plays into his call to ministry.